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The Four Graces in Barcelona    NEW !!

Shiri - Yaron, The Marriage (Shiri is our Grand-daughter)

Shiri-Yaron , The Hina ( After Mikve Party)

Xander Stoffer, His Bar-Mitzvah, the slide-show ( look for the Xander icon )

Xander Stoffer, His Bar-Mitzvah, The pictures

Michal and Omri-The marriage (Omri is our grandson)

Michal-Omri, The party after the Mikve ritual (Omri is our grandson)

Hadassa's Birthday Dinner- 2006

Holocaust Memorial Day.   click on the icon"we will never forget

Shiri-Yaron & Oscar Engagement & Birthday Dinner show

Michal - Omri, the Engagement Dinner show

The Pegasus-Adi Group in Mexico and Guatemala

(We did not participate , were asked by friends in the group to make the trips site)

The three Graces in Prague, Sep.2005

The three Graces in Karlovy Vary, Sep.2005

Brief Czech History

Who are the Langsams ?

Vacation in Engadine, Switzerland, August 2003

The Rehovot Cathedra Group touring Poland, June 2005

Vacation in Crete, April 2005

The Three Graces in Budapest

Natalie , a slideshow   (the new version)

Our trip to Moscow, Russia, May 2004

Our trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 2004

Our trip to Argentina, Chile and Brazil , February 2004

Our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, November 2002

A short trip to London, October 2002

The Mayas and Langsams in Scandinavia  

Vacation in Rhodes, May/2002 -- NEW

Our trip to Istanbul, March - 2000

Dean's Bar-Mitzvah

Our trip to Thailand

Our trip to Iceland

Iceland trip album

Our trip to China

Travel pictures of former years

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